AIMP Remote Control v2.0 [Unlocked] APK [Latest]

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AIMP Remote Control

AIMP Remote Control

Remote control application for AIMP4 audio player.

AIMP Remote Control enables you to:

– Control playback;
– Interact with playlists, queue and list of favorites;
– Stop playback on computer when someone calls you;
– Download to phone and upload tracks onto computer;
– Use timer to stop playback or shutdown computer;
– Control equalizer and various playback effects;
– Search and delete tracks;
– Control streams recording and set ratings;
– Browse song lyrics and so on;

On computer you must have AIMP Remote Control Plugin installed.

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PS If you’re unable to connect, check your antivirusfirewall, it can block connection.

What’s New

– Ability to add tracks that are located on PC
– Advanced grouping and sorting for tracks in playlists
– Fast discovery of computers
– Dynamic loading of playlists
– Ability to rename and remove playlists
– Ability to show prevnext track title on long press on “NextPrev track” buttons
– Ability to enabledisable tracks in playlists
– Ability to read lyrics from file’s tags
– Support for all sound effects
– Improved equalizer interface
– Some new preferences
– Lots of other improvements

In-app Features Unlocked


  • AIMP Remote Control Screenshot
  • AIMP Remote Control Screenshot
  • AIMP Remote Control Screenshot


AIMP Remote Control v2.0 [Unlocked] APK / Mirror (3.4 MB)

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